smooth [smo͞oth]
[ME smothe < OE smoth, for earlier smethe < Gmc * smanthi < IE * som-, together < base * sem-, together, SAME]
a) having an even or level surface; having no roughness or projections that can be seen or felt
b) having its projections leveled by wear [a smooth tire]
2. having an even consistency; without lumps [a smooth paste]
3. even, calm, or gentle in flow or movement [a smooth voyage]
4. free from interruptions, obstacles, difficulties, etc. [smooth progress]
5. not easily agitated or ruffled; calm; serene [a smooth temper]
6. free from hair, beard, etc.
7. pleasing to the taste; not sharp or harsh; bland
8. having an easy, gentle, flowing rhythm or sound
9. suave, polished, or ingratiating, esp. in a flattering, insincere way
10. Informal polished; competent [a smooth dancer]
11. Slang very pleasant, attractive, or enjoyable
12. Mech. having relatively little friction
13. Phonet. articulated without aspiration
1. to make level or even
2. to remove the lumps from
3. to remove wrinkles from by pressing
4. to free from interruptions, difficulties, etc.; make easy
5. to make calm or serene; soothe
6. to make less crude; polish or refine
to become smooth
in a smooth manner
1. something smooth; smooth part
2. an act of smoothing
smooth away
to remove (difficulties, obstacles, etc.)
smooth down
to make or become smooth, or even, level, calm, etc.
smooth over
to gloss over or make light of (a fault, unpleasant situation, etc.)

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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